Opasne tvari

Dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA)


Duration: 40 hours + 3 hours (preparation for exam).

Course outline: Legal basis for the transport of dangerous goods; classification of dangerous goods; general provisions for the packing of dangerous goods; limited and excepted quantities; specialised training; transport units; equipment for crew members and vehicles; hazard and handling labels; prescribed documents; proper procedures for loading, unloading, stowage and segregation of dangerous goods; cleaning and/or decontamination procedures; working procedures; emergency response; general environment protection measures.

Literature: A copy of ADR Agreement 2009.; a copy of Law on transport of dangerous goods (Official gazette NN 79/07); I. Mekovec: Zakonodavna osnova u svezi prijevoza opasnih tvari (handbook); N.Kovačić: Priručnik za korištenje ADR-a (handbook); B. Radoš: Prijevoz opasnih tvari željeznicom (handbook).

Entry standards: Applicants must be at least 21. It is recommended that applicants have prior work experience related to dangerous goods transportation and handling.

Documents: Copy of ID; copy of school report or high-school diploma.

Course certificate: Upon successful completion of the exam, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure issues certificates, which are then delivered to the participants by the Institution that has conducted the training.

Exam: Exam applications are submitted by the Institution conducting the training. The exam is in written form and lasts 3 hours.

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